An online web-based platform

Discover your city.

Upvote is a unique online discovery platform for the community, and advertising platform for local businesses.

Community focused.
Advertiser driven.

We focus on hunting, finding and delivering everything that the city has to offer. You choose to upvote the listings you feel are best, from businesses and products to services and events (and more!)

Purchase a listing and submit your content to Upvote for review and publishing.

Once published, the community can upvote the listings they like or prefer. More upvotes places the listing higher on the platform.

Listings are categorised into Collections. Promote your listing and gain upvotes to rank higher than other listings in your collection.

More Upvotes = Higher Ranking


Awesomely curated content.

Community Discovery

Discover new businesses, products, services, events or activities are currently trending and most popular amongst the community.

Business Advertising

Be discovered and reach more people in the community by listing your offering on our platform, and ranking it against similar offerings in your collection.

Range of Collections

Collections organise and categorise similar listings in one place, making it easier to browse the site for certain topics and seeing the best ranked listings for that topic.

Upvoting & Ranking

All listings are ranked overall on the platform, and in each collection, according to how many upvotes they receive from our registered users and community members.

Dedicated Listings

Each listing is allocated its own unique page on our platform, with a built-in commenting system, quick-post social sharing tools, image and video embedding, and backlinks to the advertiser website.

Growing User Base

Our platform is available to the public, with a growing base of registered users in each our regions, who subscribe to updates on the latest listings and collections that we add each day.

Fully Responsive

Access an Upvote site securely from anywhere, on any device, and find listings and collections that you’re looking for with ease and simplicity.

Help & Live Support

Our team is accessible through our messenger app on our website. so you can easily chat to us and get further assistance through our growing online help center.

SSL Encryption

All of our sites are secured and encrypted using SSL certificates, making sure any and all information submitted is protected, from account registrations to online purchases.

Online Store

Quickly and easily purchase listings and other services on our online shop, making it even more convenient to get your listing online. The shop is secured, accessible and optimised on all viewing devices.

Social Login

Users can easily create an account on an Upvote site using their Facebook or Instagram login details, making future sign-ins quick and effortless with a click of a button.

Social Sharing & SEO

Each listing page is optimised for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) and social sharing – enabling the community to easily share their favourite listings with their network.

Start upvoting the latest listings and collections on our sites. Visit our Online Shop to submit your listing and help the community to discover you.