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Contributor Programme

Connecting local bloggers and businesses through Upvote.

An initiative aimed to inspire collaboration between local businesses and bloggers in South Africa. Work with us on promotional campaigns to help generate content in your genre. Get listed and promoted in our Bloggers collection, and officially recognised as a contributor on Upvote.

FREE Listing

Get a FREE listing in our Blogger Collection worth R,1250+ and get discovered by more people in the community.

Affiliate Badge

Get a an affiliate badge for your website to be officially recognised as an Upvote Contributor.

Content Collaboration

Create content on Upvote and your blog through collaborations with local businesses (reviews, articles, mentioned posts etc).

Paid Promotion

We pay to promote you in our Blogger collection, and the content you create in each campaign, through all of our channels.

Get Your Content Featured

Help people discover your unique content and style

The content you help create in each campaign gets pushed and promoted to wider audience through Upvote’s networks. We promote you as the author of the content, and help to drive more interest and exposure for your blog.

Make It Official

Use your Upvote Badge to stand out from the crowd.

We want to help you get as much exposure and upvotes for your Listing. The Upvote Badge is how we let the community, and businesses, know that you are officially featured and recognised on Upvote as a Contributor.

This initiative aims to help create more awareness for you as a Blogger, and also help you stand out from the crowd.


The Entry Badge into officially being associated and recognised as a Contributor on Upvote through a collaboration.

How Do I Get This?

Min Requirements

  1. Have an existing live website/blog/channel;
  2. Content you have created should be original, authentic and unique.
  3. If social influencer, you should have 1,500+ followers
  4. If blogger – you should have atleast 500+ monthly visits to your blog
  5. Complete the first project and announce that you are listed on Upvote through your channels;
  6. Tag Upvote South Africa in your post.


  1. Associated Upvote Contributor Badge (Standard);
  2. Certificate of association.


The Silver Status recognises those Contributors that have earned a higher status through the collaborations and upvotes.

How Do I Get This?

Min Requirements

  1. Atleast 2 collaborations with Upvote in a year (competitions, blogs etc.);
  2. Achieve atleast 500+ Upvote on your Listing;


  1. Personalised Upvote Contributor Badge (Silver) for your blog;
  2. Silver Certificate of affiliation;
  3. Promoted Mention for your blog;
  4. Featured on Home Page for 1 month;

… with more benefits to come!


The Gold Status identifies bloggers that reach the highest status on Upvote through collaborations, engagement and upvotes.

How Do I Get This?

Min Requirements

  1. Atleast 4 collaborations with Upvote in a year (competitions, blogs etc.);
  2. Achieve atleast 1000+ Upvote on your Listing;
  3. Generate atleast 5 reviews on your Listing Page;


  1. Personalised Upvote Contributor Badge (Gold) for your blog;
  2. Gold Certificate of affiliation;
  3. Paid and Promoted featured post for your blog;
  4. Write-up and interview about you and your blog;
  5. Included in our Facebook Page Header for 1 month;

… with more benefits to come!

The tier system (Standard, Silver, Gold) helps to differentiate those Contributors that have achieved popularity and preference from the community, by virtue of upvotes and collaborations. We want to lend credibility to these Bloggers and help more people in our communities to find and follow creative and authentic content via local blogs.

Still not sure how it works? Chat to us via the messenger on the screen and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it.

Apply Online

Apply to join the our programme online and provide us with the details of your blog.

Get Approved

Once we receive your application, we will review, assess and see if you meet the requirements for the programme.

Get Listed

Once approved, we list you in our Blogger Collection and get you started on your first project.

Upvote can offer you exclusive opportunities to partake in events, dining experiences, all things beauty-related and more – also helping you to generate content for your own brand channel.

Upvote will also advertise your personal brand on all content that you have contributed towards. We use various channels such as social media, our website, our blog and promotional activation to help push our brand, our customers and our contributors.