How Does Upvote Work?

Here is a quick look into the different elements that make up Upvote, and how it works.


We launched with Upvote Durban in February 2018 and have opened up to Johannesburg and Cape Town in June 2018. These are the key cities that we are focusing on in South Africa to start with, and we are constantly building our user-base and community followers in each respective city.


We focus on building Collections. These can range from the “Juiciest Burgers in Cape Town” to the “Coolest Co-Working Spaces in Johannesburg” or even the “Best Dieticians in Durban”. Each Collection consists of Listings (local advertisers promoting their product, service or business).


Each Listing belongs to a Collection. A Listing is a unique page dedicated to that business, and it allows them to tell the community more about who they are, and what they do. The community is able to comment on each listing (give their feedback) and give them an upvote.


Think of an upvote as the equivalent to the ‘Like’ on Facebook and Instagram – but much more. It’s an indication of approval and support towards that business by the local community. But this is the importance of the upvote: Listings are ranked in each Collection (an on our site) according to the number of upvotes they receive. More Upvotes = Higher Ranking. Each person is able to give a Listing one Upvote.


Each Listing has a subscription fee of ZAR 1,250.00 (available for purchase on our online shop). A Listing is valid for 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. Once a business is listed on Upvote, we work on promoting them to the community and driving awareness through promotional campaigns, advertising and competitions. Within the listing period, Upvote also work with listed businesses and potential bloggers/influencers on collaborations and campaign opportunities. Collaborations and promotional campaigns that we run do have costs involved – hence there is a subscription fee to be listed and associated on Upvote.

Badges & Status Tiers

Once a business purchases a subscription and is listed on Upvote – they receive the Standard Upvote Badge for their website and an official Certificate of Association for their business/brand. The tier system works to reward businesses on Upvote based on the milestones they achieve on our platform. Businesses can move up the ranks from Standard to Silver, and Silver to Gold Listings – where they stand out from the crowd and earn additional benefits from Upvote.

We’re constantly looking at new ways to improve our product and service offerings to businesses and our communities. This is the just the beginning – and as we continue to grow, we are aiming to turn Upvote into a more robust, useful and informative platform for all of South Africa.


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