Colombo Coffee & Tea are a young and vibrant team of roasters, baristas and tasters. We source the finest green coffee from growers in Africa, South & Central America and Indonesia and in roasting these coffees’, we aim to recognise the personality of each single origin bean, and set roast profiles to emphasize this unique personality as effectively as is possible. We offer a wide range of both coffee and tea brewing apparatus with great advice, catering to all coffee and tea lovers from the individual to major players in the hospitality industry. We are one of the longest standing Micro-Roasters in South Africa with a great story to share.

We have shifted focus to specialty offerings and continue to evolve in this light. Our specialty loose leaf teas are sourced with the same passion and enthusiasm. Focussing on quality, not quantity. Each of our teas is selected for its unique characteristics. When blended or naturally flavoured, we focus on emphasising the true essence of the original tea allowing subtleties and complexities to fully develop and be present when faithfully brewed.

Come experience warm hospitality, learn about the rituals and rigours of producing great coffee from farm to cup. We really have a vested interest in educating and growing the appreciation for fine beverages.


Shop 1, 59 Adelaide Tambo Drive
Durban, 4051.
Phone: 031 563 3664


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