We are more than just coffee.
For us this idea that a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee, although the act of drinking coffee in itself isn’t special, whats special is the effect is has on me, you, or the person across from you. Universally coffee is a catalyst, whether it is a blossoming romance or your next big idea, its taken you somewhere. Now, the fun bit, we want to go one step further. How about igniting someone elses future while enjoying your favourite brew?

We’re a pop up café serving artisanally prepared drinks from one of our custom made stands or Tuk Tuks, its everything you would expect from a café right where you need it.

Proudly KZN, we work with local suppliers, sourcing only the best and serving it with a Team we love.
Our passion shows in every sip.



Umhlanga Rocks Superspar
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
351 Lilian Ngoyi Street (Durban Runner)
Call 079 259 2525


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