Smokin’ Joe’s is the tale of one man’s quest to craft the ultimate burger. With his gloves on, and armed with mama’s trusted spatula, Joe set off on a journey of culinary training. From throwing hooks around the Souk in the UAE to dodging left-right combinations in the UK, even the jaw-smashing burger shacks of the USA were no mean feat for this skilled heavyweight. The South African Joe was always a serious contender, a seasoned braai-fighter who never gave up on his search for that knock-out flavour combo.

Rollin’ with the punches, the old grill fired up and smokin’, his years of training and experience led to the creation of his name-sake palate pleaser. At Smokin’ Joe’s, everyone is guaranteed a spot, ringside. Once the smokiness fills the air, just like the champ you’ll have found your perfect match. ‘Cos with Smokin’ Joe’s knockout burgers, everyone leaves a winner!



031 201 2343

54 Cowey road
South Africa


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