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South Africa is a land of diversity not only because of its people, cultures, languages and experiences – but also because of the products, services, brands and businesses that shape our economy. With so much to offer in the market, and so many options available to us, it becomes difficult to keep track of what is trending – and be able to discover new offerings in our city each day.

What if there was a place you could go to discover everything that is available to you in your city, and have it ranked according to popular feedback from the community?

Well, Upvote – a local tech startup company in Durban is building just that.

What is Upvote?

In the simplest terms – Upvote is an online discovery platform. We’re community-focused and business-driven. We hunt, find and curate everything that South Africa has to offer, all on one platform – making it quicker, easier and more engaging for the community to discover their city.

For the Community

Upvote is a new discovery space, that allows you to vote for your favourite local products, services, and small businesses that you feel others should know about. This community centric initiative aims to put the city in your hands, by opening the doors to hidden gems that you have been missing out on, whether it be a quirky cafe or a reputable GP, we’ve got you covered.

For Local Businesses

Upvote gives you the opportunity to promote your product, service or business to the greater community. It allows you to earn support through community voting (upvotes), and leverage that to position your unique offering to the public.

The platform is made up of Collections and Listings. Collections (eg: Best Pizzas in Durban, Manicures Under R250 in Joburg, Coolest Co-Working Spaces in Cape Town). Each Collection contains Listings (local businesses who are subscribed to Upvote). Listings are ranked in each Collection and on the platform, according to how many upvotes they receive from the community. More Upvotes = Higher Ranking.

Upvote works with listed businesses to run promotional campaigns that drive engagement between the business and the local community. Upvote also works with local bloggers and influencers to drive these campaigns across to the community. In the new age of online interaction – Upvote promotes engagement through its platform and affiliated channels.

It provides the perfect platform for the community to discover and learn more about local offerings available to them, and it gives businesses an effective channel to promote their products and services to the greater community.


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Discover and vote for your city.
A new online multipurpose advertising and discovery platform to vote on all things in Durban.