Some of the most common problems associated with running your own business are isolation, lack of support and burn out… to name but a few.  During the years that Nomads & Co. operated as a coworking space, I not only experienced this personally but witnessed others face the same challenges. It’s here where I got to experience first hand what a positive effect a support structure and community had, not only on our member’s businesses but in their personal lives. However, I wanted to reach beyond the four walls of a coworking space to those who face the same challenges but didn’t necessarily need or make use a coworking environment.  Which is why I have created the Nomads & Co. network for every possible version of a nomadic and solo entrepreneur and freelancer that exist in Joburg.

My vision is for our members to feel a sense of belonging, connection, support and community and ultimately to have a more balanced work-life relationship that will enable them to achieve longevity, enjoyment and success in their nomadic business journey.

The Nomads & Co. network, events and content are inspired by our 3 core values which we believe can help nomadic entrepreneurs and freelances overcome these challenges and achieve a more balanced and healthier work-life relationship. Our network advocates for simpler lives,  good business and meaningful connections and here’ s why…



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