We love making people happy.

We really really do.

Seeing as no story starts with a salad, the acclaimed (and very difficult to get a table at) Café Del Sol is opening their latest sister store Café Del Sol Botanico in Bryanston Shopping Centre and alongside her, is the Landmark Cocktail bar.

So what makes us different?

We take our drinks VERY seriously. (But not ourselves thankfully)
The décor and intention was inspired by classic Landmarks throughout Johannesburg, from the Rissik Street post office to Vilakazi Street. Landmarks that have stood the test of time and are very dear to local Joburgers, not to mention, our respect for classic cocktails which are just as old if not older.

Our extensive wine list sourced from some well-known and not so well known estates from South Africa as well as notable houses with rare vintages from around the world, complementing our Italian flavour and style.

The small and focused beer list rotates every 3 months to offer styles pertaining to the seasons, offering amazingly crafted beers for the connoisseur and a new experience to the novice.

Our cocktail list prides itself on seasonal quality fresh ingredients, Italian influence with a uniquely South African flavour and we’re obsessed, and I mean obsessed (it’s pretty weird actually) about our hand crafted ice and our daily fresh pressed/squeezed/milked/extracted juices from organic and as local as possible farms and farmers.

We like to think that the quality of our drinks can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world and we hope you do too, with a dash of showcase classics and a swizzle of signatures rotating every few months to keep up with the amazing seasonal produce from our markets.

We offer Aperitvo during the week making some lovely drinks of the sprits and bitter variety to open up the palate before having a jaw droppingly delicious meal at Café Del Sol Botanico and complimented by our growing collection of Italian amari.
There are long tables in both the barroom as well as a private dining area for large groups of friends, and if you don’t have any, we’ll ensure you make some!

A cozy fireplace in the winters and cool air conditioning for the African summer heat.

All of which is done by people who love people.

5 star service with family hospitality with the full intention of making you happier than when you walked in.

We cannot wait to see you!

Salut and cheers!




T: 011 463 5081

L: Bryanston Shopping Centre. Cnr. William Nicol & Ballyclare

E: bookings@thelandmark.co.za


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