What Sparked the Idea behind Upvote?

Have you ever come across lists of the “Best …” (places to eat, things to do, products to try, etc.)? We have – and we always questioned whether it was somehow biased? Who decides on what the “Best …” is, and is it in-line with the broader public opinion?

Publishing companies and content creators publish city guides and lists of the ‘Best places to go’ or ‘Best things to try’– but to a certain degree, these are subject to personal preferences. These lists could be extensively researched and substantiated – but shouldn’t the ‘best’ or ‘top-rated’ be decided by the greater community?

Upvote is the platform that was created to put the city in the hands of the community. Their views and opinions are what shape and drive our platform – from Collections to Listings (as dictated by our tagline – Our Platform. Your Opinion).

Our goal is to be able to help our communities build and dictate what they feel is best in their city – by bringing to them all that the city has to offer and letting them vote on their favourites.

So do we choose and decide who the best listings are and who should be on Upvote? No.

  • Our job is to try to find and bring everything that SA has to offer onto one platform.
  • Local brands and businesses have the option to choose whether they would like to be included on our platform.
  • At the end of the day – it’s the community who votes on what they feel is best, and these Listings are ranked on Upvote according to that overall democratic feedback.

We believe that there are hidden gems and small businesses that create real value for our communities through their offerings. We want to give them the opportunity to reach more people in our community and help the community to consider these businesses as an option in their decision-making.

Connecting local businesses and communities is what we do. We started in February 2018, and we are working towards being the ‘go-to’ platform/app for South Africa to discover more in our cities.

For more information, visit www.upvote.co.za and chat to us on our website, or email us at hello@upvote.co.za


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